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XSHD Series Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine

The Series of XSHD Automatic Computerized Thicker Sheet Vacuum Forming Machine adopts foreign leading technology, medium wave heater and the whole system was controlled by PLC, it can carry sheet and take out finished product automatically; Reliable performance and easy operation. It has been obtained six national patents. It is suitable for thermoforming ABS,PS,PVC,PE,PP,PC,PMMA plastic board and plastic sheet etc., which can produce the Automotive upholstery, Motorcycle decorater board, The shell of electric scooter, The shell of medical apparatus, Refrigeratory cabinet, Parts of bathroom, Bathtub, Lantern etc...

1. According with the customer's requirement, without the automatic loading system and the automatic unloading system is available.
2. Max. Height of mold can up to 350mm or 650mm.
3. Double heater.
4. Hydraulic pressure system.
5. Heating elements: Infrared ceramic heating brick.
6. Advantage of medium wave emitter: Heat uniformly, penetrate strongly, reflect best and heating quickly.


main technique parameter


 Max.forming area mm*mm)

 max.hieght of  mold(mm)


overall dimension(mm*mm*mm)






















































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