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Automatic Computerized High-Speed Vacuum Forming Machine

Plastic Machine, Thermforming Machine, Vacuum Forming Machine)DXS-700/1200A is a full-automatic computer-controlled high-speed vacuum forming machine (Thermoforming machine). This machine is designed by the principle of mechanical-electrical-pneumatic integration. It adopts PLC control system, touch screen and AC voltage meter adjustment. This full-automatic forming equipment for high efficiency plastic sheet material includes feeding, heating, forming, cooling, mold ejecting, cutting at one blow. This machine has luxury configuration and get reliable performance and handy operation.

Application area:
It is suitable for thermoforming PS, HIPS, PVC, PET, PP, flocking sheet that can produce varieties of blister package and blister tray. For example: Curatorial injection tray, oral liquid tray, inner lining of mobile telephone, cookies tray, one-off tableware, egg tray etc.

Main technical parameters:

Model  DXS-700/1200A-1 DXS-700/1200A-2 
Length of forming (mm):  760-1200mm  760-1200mm
Width of forming (mm):  500-700mm  500-700mm
Height of molding (mm):  < 165mm  < 165mm
Production speed(cycles/h):  60-720Cycle/h  60-720Cycle/h
Power of oven:  24 KW   24 KW(Upper) 18 KW(Lower)
Power consumption of vacuum pump motor:  3  KW  3  KW
Vacuum pump capacity:  100m3/h 100m3/h 
Power of air compressor(kw):  7.5 KW   7.5 KW
Air displacement of air compressor (m3/min):  0.8 m3/min   0.8 m3/min
Voltage(V/HZ):  380/220V 50HZ  380/220V 50HZ
Overall dimensions (mm):  7950*1450*2550mm  7950*1450*2550mm
Weight (kg): 3000  3000Kg   3500Kg


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