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QG-1500Horizontal Trimming Saws

It is suitable for trimming plastic product flange, feeding the plastic product by conveyor.
This machine is suitable for separate operation and connects with vacuum forming machine. It can processed different grades and thickness material, meanwhile, the blade speed can be adjusted. Spring mounted down holders to keep product flanges at level, then insure cutting results and cutting edge clean. With swarf suction device to keep product clean. Compare with other trimming machine, it is easier operation and servicing.

Application Area:
It is suitable for trimming ABS, PS, HIPS, PMMA, PET, PE, PMMA/ABS plastic product etc…

Main Technical Parameters:

Working Table Height: 980mm
Working Table Width:  1400mm
Product Height:       30-800mm
Saw Working Height:   5-120mm
Product Width:        100-1200mm
Conveyor Speed :      0.6-4meters/min
Saw Blade Speed:      5-20meters/second
Overall Dimensions:   4000*2700*2000mm
Weight:               570kg


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